Drain Cleaning Services in Toronto

Drain Cleaning in Toronto

Drain Cleaning Services in Toronto

Either buried many feet underground or hidden behind drywall, your drainage system quietly and efficiently disposes of waste water protecting your family from the unsanitary waste. It is only until this system malfunctions, be it a flooding basement, clogged shower or slow running kitchen sink, does it reveal how important its function is.

Advanced Plumbing understands the importance of a properly functioning drainage system in the service we provide our customers in a plumbing emergency.

Whether your drains are gurgling, slow running, not running or backing up, our skilled and knowledgeable plumbers can diagnose and fix all of your drain issues using the latest in technology like drain snaking in the hands of trained plumbers.

What Drain Cleaning Services do you Need?

An unattended drainage problem may begin as a slow running drain or a gurgling toilet but the longer your drains go without repair, the more damage they may cause.

Common drain issues are slow running drains, especially in the kitchen, bath and laundry. If your drains are running slow, smelly or gurgling it is most likely a symptom of a drain issue which will only get progressively worse until the fixture it serves is no longer useable. Call us to relieve slow running drains before you are faced with a plumbing emergency. Most often a simple fix involving snaking or hydro flush will have your drains running like new.

Drain Snaking Services

The first and most popular tool used by a plumber to clear a drain blockage is the snake. There are many different snakes specially designed for each unique application but they all ultimately perform the same task. A snake is essentially a tool which feeds a flexible yet strong metal coil through a drainage system with the purpose of breaking up and removing the blockage causing a backup. Drain snaking is extremely effective in breaking up blockages caused by waste, hair and soap accumulation, toilet paper or wipes and roots which have penetrated the walls of the pipe.

Most Common Drain Cleaning Snakes For Easy Unclogging

Auger – If a plunger is not able to clear a toilet blockage then an auger may be required. Able to navigate the tight turns of a toilets internal trap while its plastic sleeve protects the ceramic finish of your toilet, the auger capable of clearing human waste, paper and sometimes foreign objects that fall into the toilet causing the toilet to backup. A auger is a hand operated device which requires special technique to clear a blockage while protecting the delicate finish of the toilet bowl. Advanced plumbers can be trusted to clear the most stubborn toilet blockages while respecting your property and ensuring that nothing is damaged. If you have a backed up toilet that a plunger simply cannot clear, you can trust the professionals at Advanced Plumbing to clear the problem and get the toilet flushing again.

Electric Hand held snake – Powerful yet designed to navigate smaller diameter drains including kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, bathtub, shower and laundry drains. The metal coil is driven through the pipe with enough torque to break up whatever blockage is in its path. Equipped with cables long enough to clear over 25ft of drain, this is often all that is required to clear the obstruction and get the drains running smoothly again. Like any power tool, a professional with experience should be handling this type of equipment. In the wrong hands an electric hand snake may bind and cause more damage to your plumbing system. Trust the trained professionals at Advanced Plumbing to

Cable/Drum Snake – This is the most powerful type of snake available in a plumber’s arsenal. A cable snake offers a powerful electric motor capable of driving a thick diameter cable capable of cutting through the densest blockages like thick roots for long distances. A powerful machine like this in inexperienced hands can lead to damaged drain system often by way of losing a section of cable in your drains by having it bind and snap while in the drain. Advanced plumbing ensures that only experienced plumbers who have many years of experience and training using these powerful machines use these machines. It is this experience and training in the hands of licensed plumbers which is why you can trust us to clear even the stubbornest blockage quickly and safely.

Sometimes the blockage is the result of sediment or grease build up. While a snake may be able to bore a hole through the blockage, it is not able to scour the pipe in a way that only hydro jetting can.

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