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charles novogrodsky
charles novogrodsky
Totally experienced excellent service. Responsive; concerned.
nick 325
nick 325
They always kill it
Alan McBride
Alan McBride
Toilet replacement. Great service. Will be using their services again.
Zhelko Dimic
Zhelko Dimic
Andrey was sent to help with the dishwasher/pipe issue. No point in going into details, but this guy is Einstein of plumbing. Type of problem solving he employed was amazing. Another plumber passed on this job because of access issues.
Daria S
Daria S
I’ve used these guys a couple times for different bathroom related repairs. Both times they were fast to respond, quick to schedule a time to come, very nice in person, and got the problem solved that day. Would highly recommend!
Ashleigh Rose
Ashleigh Rose
Free and informative on-site quote, very helpful phone and e-mail interaction with office administrator, price quoted was was I paid. Everything felt very straightforward and honest. I will definitely go back!
Stephen Job
Stephen Job
Strong work from start to finish. The guys did my sanitary pit clean-out and pump replacement, mechanical vent installation, backwater valve permit and installation including all concrete work, main drain clean-out, valve replacements, and soldering repairs. Chris in the office is responsive and capable. George is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and professional -- someone whose recommendation you can trust.
Brian Daze
Brian Daze
Excellent service. Very responsive and easy to work with. Andrei is awesome !
Jenna Beaton
Jenna Beaton
I have used this company twice and I cannot recommend them enough. On both occasions they have exceeded my expectations, in cost, quality and from a customer service perspective. On my first experience they moved plumbing for a bathroom I was renovating. They were fast and informative, explaining what they were doing for me as I was interested in learning. They were not judgmental and very professional. They were knowledgeable about their work. The work was clean, well secured and they tested it with me. When my project was done I followed up with a question to which I got a very fast response and then they even dropped off a part I needed to address my question without my asking them to (it was not within the scope of what I hired them to do). It was so helpful and thoughtful. They really do care about their customers and it shows. The second time I sought a consultation on the installation of shower and faucet plumbing. Again they were very fast to attend, making room for me same day to fit into my project work plan. The cost was extremely affordable to look over the work and make recommendations. There was no pressure for further services, just helpful and practical advice given. This company feels like a family run business that actually cares about helping and doing good work for their customers. They are not driven by the bottom line and prepared to give options about how to do things as opposed to rigidly insisting on one way. I found that creativity and openness really comforting as someone who isn’t a professional as could easily be duped into a costly solution. I have recommended them to anyone who needs plumbing services and will continue to do so.

The Advanced Plumbing company excels in its field because it prices services fairly, expects professionalism from its plumbers, and works hard to earn customer satisfaction. You will only ever receive fast, reliable, and friendly service. It is this dedication to Advanced service which has won the praise of our customers and why we are proud winners of Homestars “Best of” Award for Toronto.

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Advanced Plumbing Drain Services


Advanced Plumbing Drain Services in Toronto

Drainage systems are the unsung hero of your home’s plumbing. Buried deep underground or hidden behind drywall, they dispose of waste water quietly and efficiently. This protects your home from unsanitary compounds and harmful bacteria...

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Plumbing services


The Plumbers in Toronto that Do It All

All. This word implies inclusiveness and completeness. From a service standpoint, it means that the company you are working with can assuage all of your worries and problems—you will never have to look anywhere else for service or support...

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Heating Services


Hot Water Systems in Toronto

At Advanced Plumbing, we don’t just use our industry expertise to repair drains—our company also works to keep your home warm during the cold Toronto winters. Whether you’re looking for an installation or repair, our heating contractors in Toronto are willing and able to keep your residence warm in the best possible way...

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Emergency plumbing & drain repair company for Toronto properties

Consult the Emergency/Non-Emergency List to learn which situations require an emergency call. If you do require an emergency visit, do not use the online booking form or request a quote form. Call us immediately at 416-769-8800.

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Plumbing for a New Bathroom

Service was great – very pleasant to deal with. The workmanship was very good. They provided an estimate which was met and the work was done on time as was promised.

- Jeremy F. in Vaughan
Bathtub Leaking through Ceiling

The second floor bathtub was leaking through the living room ceiling. Anthony cut through the ceiling and replaced all waste/overflow trap, damaged pipes and sections of drain under the vanity sink. He was very courteous and an excellent worker.

- George N. in York
Toilet Backup

I was horrified to find my downstairs toilet backed up, I tried plunging it, and it continued to overflow. I went to the Yellow Pages and called Advanced Plumbing. I was very happy with their quick response.

- Susan R. in Etobicoke


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