Sump Pump Repair Service in Toronto

Reliable Sump Pump Repairs in Toronto

Sump Pump Repair Service

Is your basement equipped to handle the next big downpour? If not, our services will do the trick. At Advanced Plumbing, we know the key to a flood-proof basement is a functioning sump pump system. Malfunctioning pumps lead to leaks, flooding, and costly damage—keep your basement clean and dry with a pump that is built to last installed by trained professionals.

To keep your sump pump in tip-top shape, we offer the following:

  • Sump pump testing – Testing your sump pump system is important for confirming that your system is properly functioning. A sump pumps operation is simple, water fills a pit and discharges it at a determined water level.
  • Sump pump repair – There are many parts associated with a properly installed sump system. All parts work together to seamlessly discharge storm water away from your homes foundation. Our skilled technicians are able to diagnose and repair all the parts of the sump pump system.
  • Sump pump replacement – In the event that the pump has failed, we can have your system up and running with a range of sump pumps from trusted manufacturers to suite your systems needs.
  • Sump pumps wear out over time. Although there is no general replacement timeline, regular sump pump testing ensures your pump is capable of handling the next big storm. Once we test your pump, we can determine whether or not it should be repaired or replaced.

Our sump pump repair in Toronto is fast, efficient, and affordable. If your pump is damaged beyond repair, trust our trained team to replace your pump before Mother Nature strikes.

Sewage Ejector

What is a Sewage Ejector

Where a sump pump ejects storm water, a sewage ejector is responsible for pumping sewage waste from a sealed pit into a sewage system above. The easiest way to differentiate a sewage ejector from a sump pump is the number of pipes exiting the pit cover. A sump pump will have one pipe exiting the pit cover, this pipe discharges storm water to a safe place away from the home. A sewage ejector kit will have two pipes exiting the lid of the pit, one being the discharge for septic waste and the other a vent for safe venting of sewage gas.

Battery Backup System

Having a properly functioning sump pump system is most important during heavy rain storm. With your basement sump pit quickly filling with rainwater any flaw in the system can cause your basement to flood. Heavy rainstorms not only bring excessive rain but cause other systems like your homes power to fail, sometimes for hours on end. Without a backup power system for your sump pump, you home is unprotected from rainwater flooding. A battery backup system for a sump pump is always recommended for this reason.

A Battery backup system is a nearly maintenance free system that powers a secondary pump in the chance your primary pump fails, the power goes out or the volume of water entering the pit exceeds that of the ability of the primary pump to keep up with.

It provides peace of mind to the homeowner that your home is protected from flooding.

City Rebates for Sump Pumps

In an effort to protect homeowners from overwhelmed city sewer systems Toronto offers a rebate for installing a new sump pump system. We are qualified to help homeowners eligible claim up to $1750 in rebates. If not already protected, consider a backwater valve to help protect your basement. We are qualified to help eligible homeowners claim up to 1250$ in rebates for backwater valves from the City of Toronto.


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