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Advanced Plumbing in Bloor West Village

Over ten years ago, back in 2005 when plumber and businessman Greg Tsakopoulos started Advanced Plumbing, he wanted to create a company that was intimately familiar with what its customers wanted out of a plumbing service. He knew he needed to move away from the old impersonal business model, which had been standard practice, and invent a neighbourhood enterprise that was focused on more than just business relationships, but interpersonal relationships, ones centred around community and friendships.

Advanced Plumbing in Bloor West Village

He wanted a business based on mutual trust, open communication and respect, with unparalleled levels of customer service and client retention. He understood that the best way to do this was to implement the family values that he respected and had grown up with, keeping the business within the family so he could always assure his customers in the Bloor West Villlage the best service possible. This understanding lies at the heart of Advanced Plumbing’s business model.

Advanced Plumbing strive to deliver not only the most highly respected plumbing services in the Bloor West Village, but the best and most original customer service. We are people oriented, and we make sure to hire only the most competent and personable plumbers and technicians because we want to help our customers with their plumbing issues, while getting to know them at the same time. We have in-depth knowledge of and experience with all manner of plumbing specializations, from common, simple fixes, to much more sophisticated and technical jobs. From broken pipes and emergency plumbing solutions, to main drain repair and backed up drains, we take immense pride in both the breadth and depth of services that we are able to provide our customers.

We know that our clients make Advanced Plumbing their number one choice in plumbing solutions choice and recommend us to their friends and family because they appreciate how adept and knowledgeable we are with every facet of plumbing. Whether you need help improving your water service and ensuring that your pipes are working as efficiently as possible, have compromised or dangerous piping that needs removing, are looking for help with home renovations, waterproofing or drain cleaning and inspection, Advanced Plumbing has got the Bloor West Village covered. We have the experience and the personnel to give you that invaluable peace of mind.

Our dedication to what we do and to Greg’s original plan for the business has allowed us to build a reputation throughout the city as the premier plumbing company with unrivalled expertise. Our customer testimonials page is evidence of the incredible respect and trust that you customers have placed in us. It is hard to overstate how seriously we take this and we are committed to always getting better, growing our business, improving our processes and delivering unmatched service.

Whatever your plumbing needs may be, you can count on the experts at Advanced Plumbing to be there for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to take care of all of your plumbing needs. When you speak to one of our representative, you know you are getting that friendly, rapid and reliable customer that we have built our business on. Our plumbers and technicians use only the most up-to-date and cutting edge technology and methods when they come to your home or business and we never leave a job site until a solution has been provided.

We invite you to Call or email Advanced Plumbing today, speak with one of our experts and let us assist you with your broken pipes, main drain repair, backed up pipes or any other emergency plumbing repair needs you might have.

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