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Bathroom plumbing: Everything you need to know about condo renovations
23 Jan

Bathroom Plumbing: Everything You Need to Know About Condo Renovations

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A condo or a condominium is a large property complex with individual units owned separately. Due to the nature of this settlement, making changes to the unit or carrying out renovations is different than getting work done in single-owner homes. A board of unit owners manages condo properties. They maintain the property and decide the rules and regulations for it. 

It means that the owner of an individual unit will have some restrictions regarding making structural changes to your home. 

The arrangement is the same for all condos in Toronto. Making structural changes could involve changing the plumbing. However, it is not as easy as hiring professionals and changing things as you desire. 

If you want to make some plumbing changes in your condo, it is best to understand what you can and cannot do and then call our professional plumbers in Toronto. 

Plumbing changes can involve significant renovations like moving the pipes to different bathroom areas, relocating the toilet, sink, or bathtub, etc. Before you renovate, you must understand you can’t overtly change the electrical and plumbing. 

Make sure to speak with the condo management to familiarize yourself with things you can and cannot change. Besides these restrictions, there will also be other rules you must follow such as time restrictions, material choices, access to the elevator, waste disposal, and more.

Do You Need To Change The Plumbing In Your Toronto Condo

There could be several reasons why you wish to change the plumbing in your Toronto condo. Remember the restrictions that come with it.  It is best to ponder over your decision before calling our Toronto plumbers. 

If the plumbing is old and often causes problems, you can speak with the condo management about repairs and maintenance, and this would be the best time to pitch other changes you wish to make. Remember, changing the plumbing in a condo is challenging. However, you can still do it. Our Toronto plumbers can take care of all your plumbing needs.

Also, keep in mind that changing the plumbing without consulting with the management can result in you having to undo the changes, leading d to additional costs.

Do Condos Have Shared Plumbing?

Individual condo unit owners share walls, pipes, and resources, making renovations difficult. With shared plumbing, changing the location of the toilet, bathtub, shower, or sink can be difficult

The more significant the change, the more difficult it would be to get approval. In some cases, when leaks happen, clogs occur, or pipes burst, it becomes difficult to trace the origin of the problem.

There are typically “tenant-owned” and “public” pipes to resolve these issues. The former are the ones that are located directly behind the wall of your condo. You must repair any damage to these pipes, while the damage to public pipes will be taken care of by the condo management.

Can You Change The Toilet In A Condo?

Changing the toilet in a condo is possible, but it depends on the “change.” Moving the toilet a few inches/changing the orientation should be easy, and you can contact Advanced Plumbing Toronto plumbers to take care of it. 

The condo management should not have any issues with this change. However, if you wish to relocate the toilet to a different part of the bathroom, it can be costly and requires convincing the condo management. 

If you wish to replace the toilet with a different one, you will still need permission from the management. Yet, since it is a small job that does not change the unit’s plumbing, the management will not have any issues. Changing the toilet seat, on the other hand, does not require any permissions. 

With these questions answered, there are other renovation aspects regarding which you will need to speak with the management.


Many condominiums have set times during which you can do a renovation job so you don’t disturb the neighbours at odd hours. You must speak with the management to understand when you can do the work. It can increase the total time for the job since there can be delays, and the workers will not be allowed to work past those fixed times.

Elevator Access

Depending on the type of renovation, various equipment or materials will be needed to be brought to your condo. The only way to move large items will be an elevator — a shared resource. 

You will only be allowed to block the elevator for an established time with permission from the management, especially when there is a single elevator. You will have to speak with the management to block/ reserve the elevator for only a certain amount of time when you can move all the big items. Furthermore, you may also have to arrange a parking spot for the plumbing company’s vehicle. 

Managing Waste Disposal

The bigger the renovation project, the larger the waste collected. Some condos may allow you to have a large industrial dumpster next to the building for the day or multiple days. If you are one of the unlucky tenants, the waste is collected within your condo and then removed in one go. Our professional plumbers ensure that the junk and waste are managed and properly disposed of.

Bathroom Plumbing: Everything You Need To Know About Condo Renovations: Final Thoughts

Bathroom renovations in a condo are more challenging than single-family homes. Our professional plumbers have plenty of experience dealing with bathroom renovations in condos and apartments so don’t hesitate to call us for advice or to get a quote for the project.
For more information about bathroom renovation in a condo, call Advanced Plumbing at 866-863-9539 or contact us here.


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