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How to choose a plumbing company
14 Nov

How to Choose a Plumbing Company

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Every household at some point comes across a situation where they need to hire a professional plumbing company, be it for a repair job, maintenance work, or remodelling. There are a number of companies that claim to be experienced and have professional plumbers who can do the job cheaply.

However, the cheapest is not always the right way to go, especially regarding plumbing issues. As we will discuss below, there are some factors that you, as a homeowner, should consider before going ahead with any plumbing company.

Ask for Recommendations

The best way to choose a reputable plumbing company is to ask your neighbours if they have worked with such plumbing professionals before, and how their experience has been.

Of course, it is not ideal to go with the first recommendation. Instead, ask multiple neighbours or others in the community about their experiences with plumbers. If several homes have been using the same plumbing company, you can contact them and get a quote.

It is also possible that you may not ultimately be satisfied with the kind of work this particular company delivers, but nonetheless, it is a good starting point. 

Check Online Reviews

Reaching out to a larger group of people for reviews and recommendations is always a good idea. To find a reliable plumbing company, do a quick Google search for the best plumbing companies in your area and read about the ones that are most talked about.

Those with the most positive reviews should be the ones you reach out to first. Not only will this give you a good idea about their professionalism and output, but also their costs.

Advanced Plumbing has a 4.9 Google Star Rating with over 200 positive reviews. We also have a 9.9/10 HomeStars rating with almost 300 reviews.

Transparency and Legitimacy

When looking at reviews for plumbing companies, customers often check the star ratings, the top review, and proceed with hiring them. However, you should research deeper and read multiple reviews to have a better understanding of the company.

Go through testimonials from customers and read through their experiences. There have been cases of fake or paid reviews that inorganically boost a company’s ratings. In some instances, it is easy to spot fake reviews as they tend to be more vague and non-descriptive. 

A legitimate plumbing company that has been in the industry for years should not have to hide any information or real reviews about its services.  

Check for Licenses

Every plumbing company needs a license to operate. The first thing to do before making the call is to look up information about the business. Check their website or any other online repository to find out if the company has a valid license. In some cases, you can also visit the local government website for licensed plumbers. Once you have verified the license, go ahead and make the call.

This is an important step, as there are several plumbers who claim to be professionals with licenses and proper credentials. They can charge an unsuspecting homeowner more money for a poor job that could end up costing a lot more to fix.

Analyze Their Professionalism

There are a few ways in which you can get an idea about a plumbing company’s professionalism. The first would be their website. The company’s website should give you information about who they are, how long they have been in the business, their licenses, etc.

The second way is through the phone. When you first contact a plumbing company, notice how they respond. If they seem too pushy to send someone over, you should take a step back. However, if you feel satisfied after the call, go ahead and schedule an appointment. 

Another thing to note is if they ask for money immediately. A professional plumbing company will never ask for money upfront. Furthermore, some companies have plumbers that work on commission, and they try to push unnecessary services on you. At Advanced Plumbing, we do not work on commission and only charge you for the work that is required.

Awards and Features

Looking at the accomplishments and additional features that a plumbing company offers can also help you choose the right one for the job. If the company has received recognition from the local government or the industry, it instills a feeling of confidence in the customer. 

Advanced Plumbing has received the HomeStars “Best of” award for our skilled plumbers and friendly service. In terms of additional features, we also offer a price match guarantee, 24/7 service, and same day service at a time that works for you.


Another important factor in selecting the right plumbing company is the location. You should avoid hiring a plumbing company that is far away from your residence, even if they are very good at what they do.

We recommend hiring a plumbing company in your area as they will be able to respond sooner and also understand the plumbing in that region better. If required, you can also drive to their office much quicker than if it was located further away. Furthermore, if you need new fixtures, they can guide you to the right local stores.

Final Thoughts

Having a known reliable plumbing company on call is the best way to deal with any plumbing emergencies as well as issues that are not so urgent. Since there are numerous companies to choose from, there are a few steps that you, as a homeowner, can take to figure out which is the right one for you.

By keeping the aforementioned tips in mind before and during the initial call with the company, you can successfully find a trustworthy, professional, and cost-effective plumbing business to work with.
For more information about our plumbing services or to make an appointment, call Advanced Plumbing at 866-863-9539 or contact us here.


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