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Why does my toilet keep running?
22 Jun

Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

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It can be very frustrating when something you rely on daily—like your toilet—isn’t working correctly! 

One common problem that many people experience with their toilets is when it keeps running. When your toilet keeps running, water fills the tank even though you haven’t flushed the toilet.

Therefore, it’s essential to fix a running toilet right away. Letting a toilet run is a waste of water and will definitely push up the cost of your water bill!

There are a variety of reasons that a toilet can run; these are some of the most common ones:

  • The toilet flapper is cracked or broken.
  • There’s a problem with the toilet chain.
  • The float arm or float ball doesn’t work properly.
  • The refill tube is constantly draining water into the toilet.

At Advanced Plumbing, one of the plumbing services we provide is fixing toilets that are running. 

The Toilet Flapper is Cracked or Broken

One of the reasons that your toilet may keep running is that the toilet flapper is cracked or broken. 

The toilet flapper seals the water in your toilet tank and keeps it from draining out.  When you flush the toilet, the mechanism inside the toilet tank lifts the flap up and lets out the water.

However, if your toilet flapper is cracked or broken, water will leak into your tank, causing that annoying water running noise. 

This problem can be relatively easily fixed: you just turn off the water at the shutoff valve, flush the toilet (so the tank is empty), and replace the flapper!

There’s a Problem With the Toilet Chain

Another issue that can cause a running toilet is when you have a problem with your toilet chain. The toilet chain is attached to the arm inside your toilet tank and is activated when someone flushes the toilet.

The most common issue with the chain is length: it’s too long or too short! If the chain is too long, it may get caught under the flapper, causing water to keep draining out of the tank. 

f the chain is too short, the flapper won’t fully close, and the tank won’t seal properly. 

This is a relatively easy fix; just adjust the chain length as necessary. You may even need to replace it if it’s rusted and can’t provide the appropriate amount of tension. 

The Float Arm or Float Ball Doesn’t Work Properly

Another potential cause of your toilet running constantly is that the float ball or float arm doesn’t work correctly.

The float ball and arm’s purpose is to let your plumbing system know when it should stop draining water! If you’ve already checked the flapper and the chain, then it’s time to move on and test the float ball and arm.

To do so, open up your toilet tank, and lift up the float ball. If the running stops, you’ve found the source of your problem! The repair may be as simple as replacing the float ball, float arm, or both.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, however, some fine-tuning may be required, and you’ll need plumbing service from a professional. 

The right plumbing service has the tools and experience to adjust the float arm to work correctly in your toilet tank.

The Refill Tube is Constantly Draining Water into the Toilet

The purpose of the refill tube is to help refill the toilet. Its job is to tell the overflow tube how much water to put into the toilet bowl. 

When the refill tube is malfunctioning, it can end up pulling water out of the fill valve, causing the water to run. If the refill tube is not above the overflow tube, then the water will flow backwards!

The best way to fix this is to either shorten the refill tube or attach it to the side of the toilet so it remains in the correct place inside your toilet tank. 

If this is not something you are comfortable doing, then you may wish to enlist the plumbing services of a professional plumber!

What kind of plumbing services can Advanced Plumbing provide me with?

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, we all love the convenience of modern plumbing—no one wants to live without their flush toilets and hot showers on demand! 

So, if something goes wrong with your plumbing, you want to get it fixed immediately.

At Advanced Plumbing, we provide a wide variety of plumbing services! Do you have an issue with a blocked toilet or a running toilet, or just want your toilet replaced entirely? That’s a plumbing service we can help you with!

We also provide a wide variety of plumbing services when it comes to baths and showers. Whether you need an unclogged drain, have a leak you can’t fix, or want to install a whole new bathtub or shower, we can provide you with that plumbing service at Advanced Plumbing.

Listening to your faucet drip is annoying; plus, it racks up your water bill and can damage the faucet! 

We provide excellent plumbing services when it comes to faucet issues, whether that’s a dripping faucet or if you can’t seem to get hot water.

Worried about basement flooding? Then you need plumbing service in sump pump repair and testing. We can confirm your sump pump is working correctly and make any necessary repairs so it can do its job.

We even offer emergency repairs! So, don’t suffer from plumbing that isn’t doing its job. At Advanced Plumbing, we’ve got the plumbing services that you need.

Don’t Put Up With a Running Toilet

If you’ve got an issue with a running toilet, there’s likely an easy fix: one of the pieces of hardware in the toilet tank needs to be fixed or replaced. 

If that doesn’t work, though, then you need plumbing service from Advanced Plumbing!

We provide various plumbing services, from unclogging drains to fixing toilets. We can even offer emergency plumbing service if you’ve encountered a serious issue that needs immediate attention.

Contact us at 866-863-9539 or online to learn more about our plumbing services!


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